Cedar Run Veterinary Services

In-home Care for Dogs, Cats, & Horses

Our repro services include:

Equine breeding services;

Prepartum horse and dog care;

Neonate foal and puppy care.

We do not provide emergency/postpartum/neonate services for owners who did not utilize our prepartum repro services.

We do not offer hospitalization for sick puppies, kittens or foals.

We do not offer canine estrus management or insemination.

Canine Repro Services

Ultrasound Pregnancy Check
@ 28 days we can try and count puppies as well as try and give an estimated whelping date

Neonate Exam
Each dog will receive their own exam records/recommendations to forward to their new homes 

Tails and dew claws can be addressed within the first 2 days after whelping

Parasite Control
Frequent assessment of fecal samples allows for accurate deworming recommendations

6 Week Old Exam & Vaccination
Each dog will receive their own vaccine and health records/recommendations to forward to their new homes

Equine Repro Services

Uterine Ultrasound
Over 4 scans/cycle is unusual for cool shipped semen

Over 2 inseminations is unusual for cool shipped

Post Breeding Lavage
Beneficial for mares who retain fluid during estrus or diestrus

Beneficial for mares with poor vulvar conformation or history of ascending placentitis

Ultrasound Pregnancy Checks

Beneficial for determining viability of a fetus in addition to condition of the uterus 

Postpartum & Neonate Exam
Provide postpartum pain control for mare, evaluate placenta, evaluate foal, & test for passive transfer of maternal antibodies

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