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Inevitably, our pets do not live forever and there is a time for your beloved friend to move on. This is a decision the owner must make, but we think it is important to provide an objective opinion of your pet's quality of life and prognosis for recovery.  Whether it be due to old age, an injury, or illness; we are able to assist with the humane euthanasia of your friend to avoid unneeded suffering.

Our goal with in home euthanasia is to alleviate any extra stress or discomfort while providing a dignified passing. We think all pets are best served remaining in a familiar environment with a little extra solitude. 


Quality of Life Assessment

This tool is meant to assist owners in objectively assessing their pet's quality of life. This is important for the older or disabled pet that is nearing the end of its life, and the owner that is committed to providing care that is in the best interest of the animal. This scale allows owners a means of quantifying how well their friend is coping with their basic life needs.

Please score the following criteria on a 0 - 10 scale:

Pain  __________
( 0 is no pain; 10 is uncontrollable agony)

Diet/Consumption __________

(0 is maintaining healthy weight; 10 is not eating or rapid weight loss)

Hydration __________
(0 is normal water intake to maintain hydration; 10 is severely dehydrated)

Hygiene __________
(0 is normal grooming and elimination; 10 is unable to groom and/or remains in own waste) 

Happiness __________
(0 is normally responsive; 10 is depressed, non-responsive etc.)

Mobility __________
(0 is normally mobile and active; 5 is chronic lameness; 10 is complete immobility)

Good Day vs Bad Day __________
(0 all days are good; 10 all days are negatively impacted by physical condition) 


If you complete this scale and find that your pet rates at a 35 or greater, speak to your veterinarian about hospice care for animals. Hospice care is based on the principle of easing the transition to death through addressing pain relief and decreasing life stressors (hunger, thirst, immobility, fear of mortality…). Hospice is recommended for people and animals that have chronic and debilitating conditions that no longer respond adequately to available therapies.

If you complete this scale and find that your pet rates at a 10 or higher, discuss with your veterinarian what can be done to address a high scoring category.

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