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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" sums up mare care.  There are no small problems in horse breeding.  Here are some pointers from our years of experience in breeding mares:
Prior to Breeding
Maintain good body condition and balanced nutrition

Maintain good hoof balance and quality

Vaccinate against appropriate disease threats

Maintain good parasite prevention

Provide good dental care

Have a breeding soundness exam performed to evaluate the mare's reproductive health


1st & 2nd Trimester
No special care is needed.  Many mares benefit from mild exercise

Maintain good condition and balanced nutrition


3rd Trimester

Caloric needs increase in the 3rd trimester, adjust feed to maintain good body condition

Turn-out is the only recommended exercise

One month prior to foaling, booster vaccines to protect both mare and foal
This will result in high antibody levels in the colostrum
Begin treatment for fescue toxicosis 10 day prior to anticipated foaling(if at risk)
do not discontinue treatment until foaling
@ 320 days, begin a daily log and monitor for signs of foaling
Call the Vet If
Any question or concern
Udder development more than 90 days prior to due date
Vaginal discharge
Colic or colic-like symptoms
Failure to foal by 340 days of gestation
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