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Rebecca D. Young, DVM
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Rebecca D. Young, DVM
Cedar Run Veterinary Services
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Cedar Run Veterinary Services
Cedar Run Veterinary Services is able to provide fresh cooled and frozen semen breeding management as well as embryo recovery.  We are detail oriented in managing a mare's breeding.  Ultrasound exams asses ovarian and uterine characteristics while monitoring follicle development, uterine edema and uterine fluid.  We try to minimize inseminations while recognizing when a uterine infusion, lavage and/or caslick may be beneficial to pregnancy success.
Over the years, embryo recovery and shipment has been one of the most popular services offered by Cedar Run Veterinary Services.  Embryos have been recovered from 20+ year old World Champions through a 4 year old striving to become a World Champion.  Embryo transfer has been a great option for breeders who have mares that are unable to carry foals to term due to career and or age restraints.  Please contact Equine Reproduction Concepts about their surrogate herd for your mare's embryos.
We have over a 15 years of experience in breeding horses.  This makes us the best option in the New River Valley to coordinate your mare's cycle management, semen shipment, insemination and embryo recovery.

Breeding Services

Uterine Ultrasound
(over 4 scans is unusual for cool shipped semen - over 8 scans is unusual for frozen semen)
(over 2 inseminations is unusual for cool shipped or frozen semen)
Post Breeding Lavage
(Beneficial for mares who retain fluid during estrus or diestrus)
(Beneficial for mares with poor vulvar conformation or history of ascending placentitis)

Embryo Collection Services

Embryo Flush
(We can flush for an embryo 6 1/2 to 8 days after ovulation)
Embryo Processing and Packaging
(embryos are graded according to quality, and processed to ship to the embryo recipient herd of your choice)
Stallion, shipping & pharmaceutical fees are also incurred and are the responsibility of the mare owner.  Advance notice is required for breeding management or embryo recovery to ensure availability of appropriate inventory.
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